Father Sun Dream Catcher




The Father Sun Dream Catcher tells us that the sun, in giving warmth and light, is a constant that all cultures can relate to and rely upon. It is little wonder that belief systems, songs, cultures, have evolved, revolving around this glowing orb. There are some who believe that the sun is an entity, clothed in fire, which cause the seasons, can bring good harvests, and also destruction. The sun means vitality, power, glory, illumination, life! The sun has been perceived as the life-giving force, like a father, providing for his children. It has been thought, wrongly, that many older cultures believed the sun revolved around the earth, but the most ancient of cultures had a more true understanding of the stars and their roles. Believing the sun is a being, nurtures the feeling that everything in the universe is alive and thus connected. Paying homage to the sun has nothing in it of servitude, for it is a recognition that we too are sparks of the central fire, that in us also a spiritual sun shines, shedding its bright light upon all activities that are ennobling, kindly, and understanding.

2001 Kay Ekwall