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"Bounty of the Sea"
Original Photograph by Kay Ekwall




General Information

This is a close-up of a section from a thousand year old tree stump that washed up on McVay beach outside of Brookings, Oregon. One walks around this piece of the past, knowing it was here on this earth, and thriving, it was a tremendous tree, spreading its braches somewhere on this earth. Where it came from, the journey it took, who cut it down, and how long it took to wash upon these shores, I don't know. I just appreciate the beauty of it, the age of it and the awesome spectacle it must have been in a storm, making home on this beach.


Framed, Signed, original 16x24 photograph $150.00



Ancient being, talk to me.

Teach me what I must know.

Speak of times gone by

where did you go?

Tell me of lost lands

from which you traveled,

Is there much mystery

that we do not know?

Ancient being,

what animals did you shelter,

what birds sang upon branches,

reaching so high and and so low.

What winds blew around you,

did monkeys swing to and fro?

Ancient being, part of our past

did you sow seeds for the future,

or, of your kind, are you the last?

Ancient being, please teach us,

what we need to know.

                                 Kay Ekwall 2005


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