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I am from California, northern part, just over the border actually. I was born in Chico during World War II, being one of the baby boomers. My great-grandparents were from Sweden on my father's side and they settled in Weed, California. They sent for the children afterwards who were all born in Sweden too. My grandfather, John Albin Ekwall was born in Landskrona, Sweden. His wife, Celestia Grace Cady was born in Wisconsin and is vaguely related to Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founder of the American movement of the right to vote for Women. We come from the basic same stock tha came to this country in the 1600's.

On my mother's side, her family came from Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. I am researching the family background in a genealogy site, they were the Perry families.

I grew up in Anderson, California for the most part, from 1955 to 1965 when I got married and left for the 'big city', Los Angeles. Being from a small town all of my life, I left that one in a hurry, not my life-style at all! I married and art teacher, and had two children and settled into being a wife and mom. Years later, after many life-changing situations, and another child, my partner and I ended up in Cave Junction and love it and the people here. This small town suits me just fine!

The people in Cave Junction are so welcoming, friendly and supportive! You can go into the stores, post office, banks, and people actually remember you and talk to you, sharing their lives.





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