"The Guardian"

Original sculpture by Kay Ekwall enhanced with computer art




Within us all

there is a God-ess

that is being groomed..

Like the caterpillar

encased in its cocoon.

There can be no hurry,

to hasten the awakening,

for our own embryo

its own time table to unfold.

There are those

who try to peel the silks away,

strip threads before its time,

but steal away the strengthening

so it can't survive.

Nature in its wisdom,

teaches survival

of the fittest. And,

in truth....a mirror there to see

For It is so,

the same for  you and me.

There are creatures,

having reached the pinnacle

of their perfection,

are now in a state of balance,

with peace and ease.

Each soul starts out on a journey,

to learn, to grow and weave.

Not a story to be told twice,

the unique gift we share,

our experience is only ours,

this garment that we wear.


kay ekwall


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