Grandmother Spider Dream Catcher





Grandmother spider is an inspiration for us all. Silently, she throws out a silken line, trusting it will find solid footing. She then inspects it, throws out another and another, each to be the core of her web. Slowly she pulls all together, starts from the center, weaving from the core of her being.

She creates the sacred spiral of life, ever outwards, expanding, drawing on ancient  memories for patterns of exquiste beauty.

She then steps back, the morning light dances with rainbows in dewdrops on her creation, she sees a mircrocosm of the world.

Grandmother spider teaches patience, she shows discernment, she dares to be brave and expansive but makes sure her web comes from the heart and is based on solid footing. This is her home, but once torn apart, she quietly starts again.

Kay Ekwall


Oh grandmother, teach me
Your wisdom, help me to tune
Into my own path so I can create
My life story and watch it unfold
from my heart, with love and
trusting that spirit is guiding me.
Oh grandmother thank you for
the beauty you bring into
the world that is so practical and yet,
takes our breath away.
Thank you for teaching us that
we are all makers of the web of life
and are also caught up in a
 web of our own making, and thus
 at any point, we are free to begin again.

Kay Ekwall